Venture TTL 600w/s Monolight Kit


Product Highlights

  • Powerful 600 Ws, 8-Stop battery-powered monolight
  • Amazingly compact at only 8.9" long and 4.1" in diameter
  • Battery endurance of 500 full-power flashes per charge
  • TTL support for Sony, Canon, and Nikon
  • 9 Channels, 3 Groups
  • Two flash modes: Quick (1.2-second recycle) and Power (3-second recycle)
  • Digital Color Correction Circuit (DCCC) for stabilizing color temperature throughout the power ranges of both operating modes
  • Supports TTL, HSS, and Second Curtain Sync when used with the Venture TTL Wireless Controller
  • Flash duration from 1/19,500 to 1/455 second
  • Adjustable 1500 lm (15 W) LED modeling lamp with four-option menu


  • For a few years now, battery-powered TTL monolights have been revolutionizing the possibilities of lighting outside the studio. With the new Venture VETTL-600, Impact is changing the game again with a smaller revolution. In spite of its diminutive size at only 8.9" long and 4.1" in diameter, the Venture achieves the same power of the most popular (and much larger) battery-powered monolights at 600 Ws while offering even faster recycling speeds and more than doubling the battery life. And with full TTL support for Sony, Canon, and Nikon, studio lighting on the go has never been easier.

    Compact: At only 8.9" long and 4.1" in diameter, the Venture is amazingly compact. Powerful TTL battery monolights have been enabling photographers to be more creative with light, but their bulky size makes pack-out for location portraiture awkward. Without sacrificing any power or functionality, the Venture is small enough to fit into the same space as a 24–70 mm f/2.8 lens or a couple of speedlights.

    Fast: The Venture is a thoroughbred when it comes to recycling speed and flash duration. In Quick Mode, recycle time for full power is only 1.2 seconds over the eight-stop range, while Power Mode is 3 seconds. When it comes to stopping action, max flash duration is 1/19,500 seconds in fast mode and 1/18,500 seconds in Power Mode. How does Impact do it? The Venture features advanced IGBT technology that enables ultrafast switching and fast flash durations at higher output powers.

    Powerful: It's small, but it packs a punch. 600 Ws of power + 500 full-power flashes for each battery mean you can shoot all day ... and night. The Venture can easily overpower the sun with f/22.6 / ISO 100 at 10 feet in Power Mode, or f/11.5 in Quick Mode, with full-time HSS. (No extra buttons to press!)

    Versatile: Included with the Venture are both a tilting stand mount and pistol-style grip for all kinds of mounting and moving scenarios. The Comet-style adapter mount allows for minimum size and maximum portability. S-Mount light shapers (available from Impact and other manufacturers) are also easy to use with the optional Comet-to-Bowens adapter. And with the included frosted glass dome for bare-bulb effects, the Venture can maximize output patterns with hard and soft light shapers.

    TTL-Compatible: For fast, improvised shooting with automatic light control, the Venture can be used with one of three Venture Wireless Controllers featuring TTL support for Sony, Canon, or Nikon.

    Consistent: Pros need every flash to count. The Venture uses Digital Color Correction Circuitry (DCCC) to keep the color consistent within +/- 50 K at all power levels in both operating modes.

  • 600 Ws and Battery-Powered
    The Venture TTL-600 monolight packs 600 Ws of power into a small, portable, battery-powered package. It’s ideal for shooting anywhere a powerful strobe is needed. The compact size makes traveling to your location and setting up fast and easy.
  • Two Flash Modes
    Control power and speed with the two operating modes.
    Quick Mode reduces power for the benefit of fast recycle rates and short flash duration's.
    Power Mode gives you the option to increase the power output with slightly longer recycle times.
  • Digital Color Correction Circuit
    DCCC stabilizes the flash's color temperature throughout the power ranges of both operating modes. This assures color consistency with a variance of only 50K from the lowest to highest power setting.
  • Wireless TTL with Integrated 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver
    When used with the Venture TTL Wireless Controller, the Venture monolight has integrated 2.4 GHz receivers for TTL and HSS operation with Canon, Nikon, and Sony systems. Venture’s Wireless Controller can operate your Venture TTL-600 monolights from up to 328′ (100 m) away with three groups, nine channels, and 100 personal IDs.
  • High-Speed Sync (HSS)
    If you need to use large apertures to shoot in bright conditions or to freeze motion, the Venture TTL-600 will keep pace with all of your needs. HSS support allows you to use shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 second (camera dependent).
  • Lightning-Fast Flash Durations
    The Venture TTL-600 is capable of very-fast flash durations of up to 1/19,500 second for astonishing action-freezing capability when shooting fast moving objects.
  • Optical Slave and Direct Sync Options
    Manual optical slave and direct sync modes provide extra options to operate your Venture monolight across Canon, Nikon, or Sony systems.
  • Powerful LED Modeling Lamp
    The adjustable 1500 lm (15W) modeling lamp offers two operating modes that allow you to fine-tune the lamp brightness independently from the flash or proportional to the flash's output power.
  • Modeling Lamp Modes
    For extra adaptability, each of the two operating modes have two options. They can be set to Constant (always on) or Blink (turns off when the flash is triggered). Blink mode can be used as a convenient visual alert to signify that the capacitors have recycled and are ready to resume shooting.
  • IGBT Circuitry
    Advanced IGBT circuitry enables fast switching at high power. This advanced system allows the Venture TTL-600 to achieve short flash durations and fast recycling times while it maintains a constant color temperature.


Maximum Power
600 Ws
Operating Modes
F4-1 (Quick), F4-2 (Power)
TTL Compatibility
Canon, Nikon, Sony
HSS Compatibility
Canon, Nikon, Sony (1/8,000 on available models)
Quick Mode @10’ (3m), ISO100, Deep Dish Reflector, Direct Flash
Power Mode @ 10’(3m), ISO100, Deep Dish Reflector, Direct Flash
Flash Duration (t 0.5)
Quick Mode: 1/455–1/19,500
Power Mode: 1/380–1/18,500
Recycle Speed
Quick mode: 1.2s
Power mode: 3.0s
Wireless Remote Receivers
Built-in (Canon, Nikon, Sony)
Wireless Range
328' (100 m)
3 (A, B, C)
Personal ID Settings
0–99 (100 total)
Sync-Flash Voltage
DC 5 V
Sync Mode
Wireless trigger, Optical, Direct sync 1/4" (16.35 mm)
Color Temperature
Quick mode: 5500 K
Power mode: 5600 K
Flash Head Mount Type
Comet mount
Digital Color Correction Circuit (DCCC)
± 50 K over range (modes 1 & 2)
Led Modeling Lamp
1500 lm, 5500 K
Modeling Lamp Modes
4 (2 Independent, 2 Proportional, each with Constant or Blink modes)
Recycling Alerts
Audio and/or visual
Overheat Limit
Thermal Protection Circuit
8.9" (22.6 cm)
4.1" (10.4 cm)
Weight (without battery)
3.3 lb. (1.5 kg)
Weight (with battery)
4.25 lb. (1.9 kg)


Battery Type
Li-ion, 4000 mA (59.2 Wh)
No. of Flashes @ Full Power
Approx. 500 (dependent on use with modeling light,
rapid firing, and environmental conditions)
Charging Time (approximate)
3.5 hr.
Input: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: 16.8 V, 1500 mA
Overheat Limit
Thermal Protection Circuit
Battery: 3 × 3 × 2.25? (7.6 × 7.6 × 5.7 cm)
Charger: 4.5 × 1.63 × 1.13? (11.43 × 4.12 × 2.85 cm)
Battery: 0.95 lb. (430.9 g)
Charger: 6.5 oz. (184 g)

Venture TTL 600w/s Monolight Kit

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