Impact VC-500WL 500Ws Digital Monolight

MFR # VC-500WL

Product Highlights

  • Integrated 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver
  • 328' Wireless Range, 16 Channels
  • 500Ws, 6-Stop Power Range
  • Flash Duration: 1/1,200 - 1/800 Sec
  • 250W Modeling Lamp
  • 0.2 - 1.5 Sec Recycling
  • 1/4" Sync Port, 5V Trigger Voltage
  • S-Type Accessory Mount
  • Adaptive Thermal Control, CMOS Circuitry
  • Fan Cooled, Reflector Included


  • Upgrade your lighting kit or studio with the versatile VC-500WL 500Ws Digital Monolight from Impact, featuring a 6-stop power range from full to 1/32 in 1/10 stop increments for excellent control over your light output. Stopping motion is made easy with a flash duration of 1/1,200 to 1/800 second and a fast recycle time of just 1.5 seconds at full power ensures you won't miss the shot. In addition to these capabilities, the light has a built-in 16-channel 2.4 GHz wireless radio receiver with a 328' range for remote triggering using an optional transmitter.

    Advanced CMOS Chip Circuitry enables a variety of advanced features, such as the ability to program pre-flash modes for use with your on-camera flashes and reduces the amount of heat generated during operation. The internal temperature is further kept under control with Adaptive Thermal Control technology that keeps the fan working during long sessions. Also, the light has soft-start circuitry that gradually raises the modeling light's brightness upon startup to prolong its lifespan.

    The VC-500WL is equipped with a 1/4" port for synchronization using the included 11' cable and it has a low 5V trigger voltage to protect the electronics of both the light and camera. Accessories are easily attached via the S-type mount and it comes with an umbrella reflector that lines up the with umbrella mount on the adjustable 5/8" stand mount for additional stability.

  • Fast recycle time
    The flash recycles in a speedy 1.5 seconds at full power so shooting consecutive frames with smaller apertures or faster shutter speeds is possible.
  • Fast flash duration
    The duration of the flash at the peak point is between 1/500 and 1/1200 of a second enabling you to effectively freeze action.
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz wireless receiver
    The integrated receiver can be used with the VC-5400XLXMT transmitter (available separately or with the VC-500WL kit.) The 2.4 GHz radio signal enables the flash to be triggered at a distance of up to 328 feet and does not require line-of-sight to connect.
  • Replaceable flash tube
    The 500 w/s flash tube can be easily and quickly replaced by the user.
  • 250-watt, replaceable halogen modeling light
    The powerful 250-watt halogen lamp is encased in a glass envelope with an Edison screw-in base. It provides ample light in your umbrella or softbox to see highlights and shadows.
  • Pre-flash mode
    The monolight's pre-flash modes enable the monolight to effectively work with a hot-shoe flash. The monolight can be programmed to memorize how many pre-flashes occur before the integrated optical sensor triggers the flash.
  • CMOS chip circuitry
    CMOS circuitry reduces the amount of heat generated by the circuit board. It also requires less power, resulting in the monolight's cool and efficient operation.
  • Adaptive Thermal Control (ATC)
    The ATC regulates the internal heat of the unit by keeping the fan engaged during extended shooting sessions to prevent overheating.
  • Compatible with Bowens mount (S-mount) accessories
    Most light modifiers with a standard Bowens-style S-mount can be easily mounted onto this monolight.
  • Low 5V trigger voltage
    The low 5-volt sync connection between the camera and monolight assures the safety of the circuitry within the camera.

Aluminum casting with textured coating, polymer
500 Ws
Guide Number
255' (78 m) @ ISO 100
Variable Power
Full to 1/32 in 1/10 stop increments, 6 stops
Recycle Time
1.5 Sec. @ max. power, 0.2 sec. @ min. power
Flash Duration
1/800 sec. @ max. power, 1/1200 sec. @ min power
Flash Ready Indicator
Visible or audible confirmation
User Replaceable Flashtube
Yes, (LR9901YSP1H)
Modeling Light
E26/27, 250 W max.SSC (Soft Start Circuitry)Settings: Proportional, Independent, Off
16-Channel built-in 2.4 GHz wireless receiver with use of optional transmitter Sync cable, test button, slave sensor with red eye feature
Slave Mode
Red-eye reduction, synchronous
Control Method
Touchpad control back panel
Trigger Voltage
Wireless Range
328' (100 m)
Color Temperature
5,600 K (+/- 100 K) @ 110 - 120 VAC 60 Hz
Sync Input
Power Cable
16' (4.87 m)
Fan Cooled
Yes, with adaptive thermal control
Auto Dump
Changeable Reflector
Yes, S-type mount
User Replaceable Flashtube
Modeling Light Wattage
250 W
Voltage Stabilization
Flash Ready Indicator
LED, switchable audible beep
Built-in Slave Cell
Circuit Protection
12.5 A fuse
Auto Dump
100 - 130 VAC, 50/60 Hz
16.5 x 5.0 x 5.0
5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

VC-500WL 500Ws Digital Monolight

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