Impact VC-500WL 2-500Ws Monolight with Transmitter Kit (220V)

MFR # VC-500WL2K220V

Product Highlights

  • Total of 1000Ws
  • 2x VC-500WL Monolights
  • 2x 9.4' Kit Stands, 7" Reflectors
  • 2x White Umbrellas with Black Backing
  • 1x 24x36" Softbox, 2x Sync Cords
  • Wheeled Kit Case
  • 1x Wireless 16-Channel Transmitter
  • Built-In Radio Receivers
  • Fast Recycling: 0.2 - 1.5 Sec.
  • 250W Modeling Lamp


  • The Impact VC-500WL 2-500Ws Monolight with Transmitter Kit (220V) is built around 2 enhanced, redesigned VC-500WL flash heads. Each head comes with a reflector, flashtube, 250W modeling lamp, power cable, sync cord and a 9.4' air-cushioned light stand. The included 16-channel, 4-group radio transmitter triggers the head's built-in receivers from up to 328' away. Two white umbrellas with black backing, a 24 x 36" softbox with silver interior and speedring, and a wheeled case are also included.

    The VC-500WL 500Ws monolights have full to 1/32 power range adjustable over 6 stops in 1/10 stop increments, very fast recycling time (1.5 seconds @ full power) and Proportional, Independent and Off settings for the 250W modeling light. Flash durations as short as 1/1200 sec. freeze action with moving subjects while the VC-500WL's 5,600K color temperature remains constant within +/- 100K regardless of power setting.

    You can freely mix and match your remote flash units with the VC-500WL. The flash's 7 optical slave modes allow it to interface with an on-camera TTL flashes, triggering with up to 5 pre-flashes when needed. The VC-500WL's Time Frame and Block Time functions enlarge the unit's circle of compatibility with the many brands available by effectively adapting for the differences in their pre-flash durations.

    A number of systems are employed to increase the VC-500WL's longevity and ensure safety. The fan-cooled housing with adaptive thermal control protects the flash heads CMOS circuitry and the user-replaceable modeling lamp and flash tube.


  • Attributes and Benefits
    • Built-in 2.4 GHz wireless Receiver with 16 channels and 4 distinct groups of flashes

    • The included 16-channel, 4 group radio remote control transmitter gives you wireless control of up to seven lights from distances up to 328'. It allows you to adjust functions like flash power, the modeling lamp, audio beep and slave mode

    • 6-stop stepless power control range from full to 1/32 in 1/10 stop increments

    • Fast recycling time: 0.2 - 1.5 sec

    • A large easily-read LCD display on the rear of the unit gives you a clear indication of chosen settings

    • Pre-flash Detector System to enable use of a wide range of on-camera flashes

    • Multiple Modeling Light Modes: Proportional, Independent, Off

    • The soft-start function of modeling lamp protects the subject's and photographer's eyes, and increases the working life of the lamp

    • Sturdy, functional, and professional aluminum alloy housing

    • Anti-static, tactile rubberized surface treatment provides comfort and utility

    • Two Kinds of Recycling Reminder: Programmable ready beep function and modeling lamp visual indicator. The modeling lamp dims during recycling and comes on again when fully recycled

    • Fan-cooling provides longevity for the head's electronics, flashtube, and modeling lamp

    • Over-Heating Protection: When the flash reaches its maximum operating temperature it slows recycling time to reduce heat, rather than delay the shoot for a cool-down interval

    • 12.5 Amp fuse shuts the head down if necessary to prevent damage by electrical spikes

    • Low 5 VDC sync voltage protects your camera's electronics

    • Power auto-dump drains excess power from the capacitors when you reduce the output to guaranty accurate exposures

    • Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts

    • Shifting pan/tilt support allows you to use large, pro-sized accessories

    • Compatible with Bowens Reflectors: Choose from a wide assortment of light-shapers that use the Bowens S-Type mount

    • Two white umbrellas with permanent black backing soften the light and set up quickly

    • Softbox with Speedring: The 24 x 36" softbox with silver interior has a removable front diffuser and interior baffle. The reflective interior minimizes light loss while the removable diffusers maximize creative options

    • Light Stands: 2, air-cushioned, 9.4', aluminum stands have repositionable studs to permit different mounting angles

    • The sturdy, wheeled, padded case has ample room for everything in the kit. Separate zippered compartments keep stands and umbrellas apart from the fixtures


    Aluminum casting with textured coating, polymer
    Each Monolight: 500 Ws
    Guide Number
    255' (78 m) @ ISO 100
    Variable Power
    Full to 1/32 in 1/10 stop increments, 6 stops
    Recycle Time
    1.5 sec @ max. power, 0.2 sec @ min. power
    Flash Duration
    1/800 sec @ max. power, 1/1200 sec @ min power
    Flash Ready Indicator
    Visible or audible confirmation
    User Replaceable Flashtube
    Yes, (LR9901YSP1H)
    Modeling Light
    E26/27, 250 W max. with E26/27 SSC (Soft Start Circuitry) Settings: Proportional, Independent, Off
    16-channel built-in 2.4 GHz wireless receiver Included 16-channel 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter (CR2032 3 V battery) Sync cable, test button, slave sensor with red eye feature
    Slave Mode
    Red-eye reduction, synchronous
    Control Method
    Touchpad control back panel
    Trigger Voltage
    5 VDC
    Wireless Range
    328' (100 m)
    Color Temperature
    5,600 K (+/- 100 K) @ 110 - 120 VAC 60 Hz
    Sync Input
    1/4" (6.35 mm) Length: 11' (3.35 m)
    Power Cable
    16' (4.87 m)
    Fan Cooled
    Yes, with adaptive thermal control
    Auto Dump
    Changeable Reflector
    Yes, S-type mount
    User Replaceable Flashtube
    Modeling Light Wattage
    250 W
    Voltage Stabilization
    Flash Ready Indicator
    LED, switchable audible beep
    Built-in Slave Cell
    Circuit Protection
    12.5 A fuse
    Auto Dump
    220 VAC, 50 HZ
    Each Monolight: 12.6 x 5.0 x 5.0" (32 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm) with protective capKit in Case: 37 x 10 x 10" (94 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm)
    Each Light: 6.2 lb (2.8 kg)
    Kit Weight
    63 lb (29 kg)

    VC-500WL 2-500Ws Monolight with Transmitter Kit (220V)

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