Luxbanx Extra Large Rectangular Softbox (54 x 72")

Catalog Number: 8101070


The Luxbanx Extra Large Rectangular Softbox from Impact is an economical 54 x 72" light shaping tool for strobes that features a soft white interior, removable front diffuser and removable inner baffle. The diffuser and baffle can be used together for maximum softening of the output. Removing the inner baffle will give you a more crisp light quality with higher contrast, while shedding the front and inner diffusers turns the Luxbanx into a large reflector with maximum brightness and contrast.

The versatile Luxbanx has an additional control via the optional fabric grid which mounts to the recessed lip of the softbox with touch-fasteners. The grid narrows and concentrates the light's beam forward, controlling spill and adding directional control to the Luxbanx's attributes. Separate purchase of a speed ring that matches your strobe's mount is required for use. Impact makes models to fit most popular brands. Every Luxbanx comes with a carrying case.

Dimensions 54 x 72 x 32" (137.1 x 183 x 81.2 cm)
Shape Rectangular
Interior White
Compatibility Strobe (can be used with small fluorescent or LED fixtures)
Not for use with hot lights
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids Yes
Requires Speed Ring Yes

For repetitive appearance in the same template

8.5 lb (3.8 kg)
  • Fabric Shell
  • Flex Rod
  • Internal Baffle
  • Front Diffuser
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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