Race a Cheetah

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Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus) Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus)

It’s muscle versus machine. See how the fastest land animal in the world matches up against the PowerSync 16-80 transceiver.

What’s faster than a cheetah, has more channels than a 1989 TV set, and, dollar for dollar, makes a more powerful impact on your creativity using flash and camera triggering than any other transceiver? The PowerSync 16-80. The 16-80 helps photographers shape and control light so they get more from their subjects, their process, and their photos with ease.

Cheetahs can accelerate from zero to 64 mph in three seconds. The PowerSync 16-80 triggers flashes way faster, saving up to 1/250th of a second. Try that, cheetahs!

Powersync_BTS Powersync 16-80 Transceiver

The PowerSync 16-80 is multipurpose. It can trigger flashes and act as a remote shutter release for one device or many at the same time. (That would take a lot of back and forth for a cheetah.) With its 79 channels and spotty remote control, the best TV set from 1989 couldn’t hold a candle to the PowerSync 16-80. The PowerSync has 80 digital channels, freeing it from radio, flash, and optical interference problems. Its digitally coded 2.4 GHz signal improves communication between units, blasting through obstacles and eliminating the need for line of sight.

PowerSync your flashes for a more powerful portrait shoot. Isolate groups of lights to trigger at your command. If your lights don’t have a built-in radio trigger, slip a PowerSync transceiver on the hot shoe of your camera and a second one onto the hot shoe of your light, and it’ll function as a receiver for wireless flash trigger. Bottom line? If you want to craft light, PowerSync it!

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